Neoteric Dance Collaborative (NEO) is a multi-disciplinary dance company based in New Hampshire’s Seacoast region.

Founded in 2004 by Sarah Duclos as a side project to accompany her dance studies at the University of New Hampshire, the project’s initial goal was to encourage the artistic development of new choreographers and young, pre-professional dancers by providing a laboratory environment that was conducive to collaboration and creativity. The inaugural company included a mix of fourteen dancers and choreographers. Its debut show NEO-Pop! was a sellout.

In 2009, NEO expanded from our home base in New Hampshire into the metro Boston area. This transitional period marked a time of creative growth and travel. The company performed in dance festivals across greater New England and at City Center Studios in New York City.

Sensing the need for dance advocacy in New Hampshire, we returned to the Seacoast region in 2013 and have been busily producing work ever since. Our programming model relies heavily on partnerships and collaborations with local businesses and artists of different disciplines. We subscribe to the idea that partnerships and collaborations will pull in a broader audience for dance while strengthening the community as a whole. Our collaborators include Teatotaller Teahouse, Seven Stages Shakespeare Company, Arts in Reach, Back Alley Productions, Seacoast Repertory Theatre, HAVEN NH, Sojoy, jazz musicians Jonny Peiffer, Matt Langley, visual artist Roger Goldenberg and photographers Monica Bushor, Matt Lavigne and Cora Paradiso.

Today NEO continues to be active within the New England and online dance community, creating opportunities for people to see, learn and make dance.



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